Teeth Whitening

This is a Professional Cosmetic Dental procedure and should not be compared to other inferior procedures. We use the latest technology to help you achieve the best results possible. We use EU compliant gels and we also guarantee 100% no sensitivity, unlike other practices that use an inferior machine and products.

We pride ourselves on offering a private, personal and professional service.

Our treatment is clinically tested and proven to be the most effective laser teeth whitening treatment available.

Full toxicology and safety reports are carried out on all our gels.

(A correct PH of 5.5 insures no sensitivity)

We do recommend that teeth be cleaned with your dentist before treatment.

One hour treatment €89

Express treatment (top up) €50

Aftercare products will also be advised to purchase to maintain your brighter whiter smile
We also advise 6-month top ups.
(products available to purchase in clinic)