Female Waxing Treatments

Lip Wax€ 5.00

Upper lip wax

Eyebrow Wax/Shape€ 10.00

Lip & Eyebrow Wax€ 15.00

Chin€ 10.00

Side of Face€ 10.00

Full Face€ 30.00

lip, eyebrow, chin and sides

Nipple€ 9.00

Underarms€ 14.00

Full Arm€ 20.00

Half Arm€ 15.00

Full Leg€ 30.00

Upper Leg€ 20.00

Lower Leg€ 15.00

3/4 Leg€ 20.00

to mid thigh

Specialised Waxing

Using Harley summer fruits hot wax, it has the finest ingredients and essential oils, it’s low-melt temperature will guarantee client comfort and total satisfaction. Used correctly the Harley summer fruits hot wax will remove hairs as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive areas.

Playboy Wax€ 50.00

pencil thin line – 1hr

Basic Brazilian€ 45.00

bikini in top, all hair removed from back passage – 1hr

Brazilian€ 47.00

small strip/triangle remains – 1hr

Hollywood€ 50.00

totally bare – 1hr

Sicilian€ 45.00

triangle remains – 1hr


Add lower leg wax for an extra 10euro

Add upper leg wax for an extra 15euro

Add full leg for an extra 25euro

Add under arm wax for an extra 10euro

Rebook waxing within 6 weeks and get 10% discount